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Win: Dave Miller
Dave Miller

Francesco Pico


Francesco Pico

Reza Athar

Click Clock Clingeling de kerstkraker van Amsterdam!
Kerst 2012 heeft de belofte in zich wel eens een van de beste in jaren te gaan worden. Op woensdag 26 december brengt CLICK traditiegetrouw een speciale editie waar de familie omgeruild mag worden voor de dansmakkers.
Karotte Weekender 27 & 28 januari
Terugkeer van Duitse smaakmaker Karotte: Nederland lijkt zijn tweede thuis. De streken die Karotte achter de draaitafels uithaalt hebben hem hier een trouwe, enthousiaste achterban opgeleverd.
2011 beleeft finale met Function en Chymera in Studio 80
Ach ja, die mooie, rustige dagen tussen Kerst en Oud & Nieuw. Schrijf die dit jaar maar op je buik, in Studio 80 staat namelijk nog een verrassende ontknoping van het jaar gepland!
Herr Zimmerman’s NYE Zuper Heroes Party!
Herr Zimmerman zorgt komende Oud & Nieuw 2011 voor een spectaculaire NYE Zuper Heroes Party!
Vanaf de 10e verdieping hoog in de Factory 010 kijk je uit over het vuurwerk over de Rotterdamse skyline, en ga je compleet uit je dak tijdens de Zuper Heroes Party!
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Artist: ame

(A.K.A. Henrik Schwarz & Âme & Dixon feat. Derrick Carter, Steve Bug & Âme, Henrik Schwarz, Ame, Dixon)

AmeWhere do connections to Detroit, Chicago, New York, Berlin and Paris all emerge? No, it is not the Frankfurt airport because this city is even another part of it. Geographically it might not make any sense but music-wise we are definitely talking about Karlsruhe here. In the little town in very western Germany all these cities influences join forces in the studio of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, together forming the duo Âme (speak: Ahm, = French for soul). Their soulful mission to explore far beyond the borders of house music already captured the attention all major peeps involved in present club music. Delivering constant quality with 12"s that are rocking house, techno and broken beat floors alike it seems like a logical move to proceed to the next step of releasing a collection of their winners.

5 years ago Kristian and Frank first met up through Kristians recordshop "Plattentasche" and various gigs in the area. Frank already experienced with his former project Soul FC (release on FSOJ) and Kristian being a scientific music nerd in a positive way, they one day decided to tweak the knobs together. As a third occasional member and to make the circle complete Berlin based Eren Solak is helping out with additional keys and parts of the composition from time to time. Kristian has always been turned on by the voices shouting out of motor city by the likes of Moodyman, Underground Resistance and Carl Craig as well as the New York City Sound of Blaze and Metro Area, whereas Frank's broad spectrum of influences ranges from Chateau Flight, John Tejada over to IG Culture and Jazzanova.

Âme's sound is easily accessible without ever loosing deepness, complexity and a distinct twist. Their inspirations, how diverse they might be, are clevery quoted but never copied. What started of with a B-Side on a Sampler for Soulbrother Dixon's "Off Limits" Series has since then shot off to become a coherent success story. First remix requests from the Trüby Trio, Simone Serritella, Jazzanova, Nigel Hayes and Random Factor enabled the duo to show their various disguises under the rooftop of Deep House. As we speak the story of Âme continues with pushing the boundaries of new sounds, patterns and arrangements.

Off topic (only for the insider section):
Believe it or not the two boys are led by outter space which becomes clear in the fact that on june the 8th they noticed that on almost every cd they are on their tune is always track no. 8, both are born on the 8th and their tunes are always 8 minutes long - ok the last one is not true.
Anyway - dig in and find out for yourself why we love these guys.
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- Top 10 of 16-10-2007

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Âme live in Nederland tijdens Ratio? deluxe in Trouw
Line-up Loveland Festival 2010 bekend
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Deeplay presents Ame tijdens Queensnight Nijmegen
Generations of Love - Ame viert kerst in Amsterdam
Report: A Critical Mass in de Melkweg
Renaissance met Ame en Matthew Dekay
Berlijns label Innervisions tijdens ADE
Vrijdag 9 Februari 2007 Schijfrijders invite Âme
ZoeXenia 6 januari exclusief op BOLD
BOLD gives Amsterdam a good start of the new year with AME
Best kept secret weekender
Teleskope invites Versatile Records
Win tickets to Âme, Bart Skils & Quinn at Tivoli de Helling
Âme, Bart Skils & Quinn @ Tivoli De Helling
Âme at Electronation Radio tonight
Sonar Kollektiv hits Club Rotterdam

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Posted: 02-02-2006 19:28:56  Subject: Âme

very good

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Posted: 25-01-2007 14:47:26


http://www.schijfrijders.com/ (intro)

Echt humor dit....

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Posted: 25-01-2007 19:32:00

set van ame@lowlands staat bijna dagelijks aan, wat een heerlijke platen, 2.5u lang!!!!

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Posted: 06-02-2007 15:04:09

Haha. Grappig. iig ben ik as vrijdag wel vrij. Misschien ga ik er wel heen. Op Lowlands was het erg goed.

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