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Win: Dave Miller
Dave Miller

Francesco Pico


Francesco Pico

Reza Athar

Click Clock Clingeling de kerstkraker van Amsterdam!
Kerst 2012 heeft de belofte in zich wel eens een van de beste in jaren te gaan worden. Op woensdag 26 december brengt CLICK traditiegetrouw een speciale editie waar de familie omgeruild mag worden voor de dansmakkers.
Karotte Weekender 27 & 28 januari
Terugkeer van Duitse smaakmaker Karotte: Nederland lijkt zijn tweede thuis. De streken die Karotte achter de draaitafels uithaalt hebben hem hier een trouwe, enthousiaste achterban opgeleverd.
2011 beleeft finale met Function en Chymera in Studio 80
Ach ja, die mooie, rustige dagen tussen Kerst en Oud & Nieuw. Schrijf die dit jaar maar op je buik, in Studio 80 staat namelijk nog een verrassende ontknoping van het jaar gepland!
Herr Zimmerman’s NYE Zuper Heroes Party!
Herr Zimmerman zorgt komende Oud & Nieuw 2011 voor een spectaculaire NYE Zuper Heroes Party!
Vanaf de 10e verdieping hoog in de Factory 010 kijk je uit over het vuurwerk over de Rotterdamse skyline, en ga je compleet uit je dak tijdens de Zuper Heroes Party!
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Artist: juan atkins

(A.K.A. Model 500)

Juan AtkinsAt the dawn of the 1980s, Juan Atkins began recording what stands as perhaps the most influential body of work in the field of techno.

Exploring his vision of a futuristic music which welded the more cosmic side of Parliament funk with rigid computer synth-pop embodied by Kraftwerk and the techno-futurist possibilities described by sociologist Alvin Toffler (author of The Third Wave and Future Shock), Atkins blurred his name behind aliases such as Cybotron, Model 500 and Infiniti — all, except for Cybotron, comprised solely of himself — to release many classics of sublime Detroit techno.

As the electronic scene began looking back to the past to find musical innovators, Atkins was a name much-discussed and -anthologized, hailed as the godfather of techno. Born in Detroit in 1962 (the son of a concert promoter), Juan Atkins began playing bass as a teenager and then moved on to keyboards and synthesizers, after being turned on to their use in Parliament records. Two local DJs, Ken Collier and the Electrifyin' Mojo, first introduced Atkins to a wide range of other synthesizer-driven bands — Kraftwerk, Telex, Gary Numan, Prince, the B-52's — in the late '70s.

Atkins then turned on two friends he had met (initially through his younger brother) while attending Belleville Junior High School, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson. He also bought his first synthesizer, a Korg MS10, and began recording with cassette decks and a mixer for overdubs. Hoping to learn more about the burgeoning field of musical electronics after high-school graduation, Atkins studied at Washtenaw County Community College in nearby Ypsilanti; there he met Rick Davis, a Vietnam War veteran, synthesizer expert and fellow Electrifyin' Mojo devotee — Davis had even released an experimental record used by Mojo to open his radio show.

The two began recording as Cybotron and released their first single, "Alleys of Your Mind," in 1981 on their own Deep Space Records. The clever balance of urban groove and synthesizer futurism signaled the new electro wave in black music; though crossover success for electro was quite limited, it went on to become one of the most influential styles for the new electronic music of the next decade. "Alleys of Your Mind" got immediate play from Electrifyin' Mojo and became a big local hit, even though most listeners had no idea it was recorded in Detroit, or America for that matter. The 1982 single "Cosmic Cars" also did well, and Cybotron recorded their debut album, Enter.

Of course, Atkins continued recording during this time, and the period from 1985 to 1987 proved to be his most influential period. He founded his own label, Metroplex Records, in 1985 and recorded his first single as Model 500, "No UFO's." Derrick May, who was living in Chicago at the time, invited Atkins over and told him to bring his records. The duo sold thousands of copies, and "No UFO's" soon became a hit with Chicago mix shows like the Hot Mix Five. Later Metroplex singles like "Night Drive," "Interference" and "The Chase" also sold well and set the template for Detroit techno; moody and sublime machine music, inspired by the drone of automated factories and trips down the I-96 freeway late at night.

More info: http://www.submerge.com
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